25 Awesome Sites that Prove Flash is Alive and Kicking

Flash has had a hard time of late. Aside from the well documented and discussed issues concerning accessibility, search engine visibility and painfully long load times, the mighty Steve Jobs has now decreed that the future of the web should not include Flash. But in the right hands, Flash can be the catalyst for some inspiring, and in some cases truly astounding, web sites.

What follows is a roundup of 25 sites that demonstrate why Flash, as a technology, still has a lot to offer…

Grimm Gallun Holtappels

Record Tripping

Tracy Chapman


Toyota iQ – Virtual Test Drive


Nike Air Troupe


ozan akoglu

Immersive Garden


Verbatim Championship

Sounds of Hamburg

Jordan: History of Flight

Honda: Blue Skies for Our Children



AgencyNet 2.0

Grow Interactive

Nick Jones

Jonathan Yuen

Red Interactive Agency

I Make My Case

The Economist: Thinking Space

Mr A 4.0


The way many of these sites seamlessly combine images, animation, video, sound and text makes for some memorable user experiences. The flexibility of Flash authoring, combined with the power of Actionscript, also make it possible to create innovative user interfaces, the likes of which would either be very difficult or impossible to achieve using HTML and Javascript.

Studios such as group94, North Kingdom and Big Spaceship continue to produce Flash content that sets a benchmark for others to follow, and sites such as TheFWA demonstrate on a daily basis the fact that Flash continues to be a catalyst for some great, inspiring websites.

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  1. Flash is only good when used by pros, otherwise forget it.
    In this showcase all of those sites are totally awesome, that just goes to show that flash isnt a bad way to go in web design.


  1. designfloat.com