Best of April 2010, Tutorials, Inspiration and Resources

April is gone and left us with some really good tuts, articles and lots of things happening. With designers creating some out of the world masterpieces, developers pushing the limits of browsers and Adode launching the CS5 suite. We will take a look at the best what web has offered us in April.

Designing & Photoshop related

Designing without gradients

Usability Do’s And Don’ts For Interactive Design

Create a creative web layout for your business using photoshop

How to Turn Anything Into a Website Design

Preparing Photoshop Files for Web Developers

How to Calibrate Color for the Web

Clash of the Titans Text Effect in Photoshop

CSS Secret Message Generator

For Javascript & jQuery lovers

Crockford on JavaScript: The Complete Series

Seven JavaScript Things I Wish I Knew Much Earlier In My Career

8 jQuery Micro Optimization Tips

Create a Social Media Sharing Menu Using CSS and jQuery

Loading Dots plugin

jQuery UI’s Position Function (plus, MagicZoom from scratch)

30 Pure CSS Alternatives to Javascript

Build a Simple Image Slideshow with jQuery Cycle

Thought provoking Articles

The Fear of Freelancing: Why You Could Be Hurting Yourself

How to Never Miss a Deadline

20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be a Freelancer

The Ups and Downs of Being a Perfectionist (Must read )

Freelance Fever: How To Spot (And Use) The Fire That’s Been Lit Under You

Elliot Jay Stocks on Being a Freelance Web Designer

Roundup of round ups

Beautiful Houses: Sotogrande in Spain

30 Trendy AJAX, jQuery And Image Galleries You May Like

Seven Must-See Web Design Videos and Presentations

Showcase Of 30 Sweet Email Newsletter Designs

24 Steps-Left Pages That Enhance The User Registration Process

300+ Free Photoshop Light Effect Brushes

40 Best Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Fantasy Scenes

The Perfect Office #34

50 Excellent Adobe After Effect Tutorials

14 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins

Development related –

9 Useful PHP Functions and Features You Need to Know

20 tips to make your php code better

Extend WordPress With Custom Fields

Advanced Regular Expression Tips and Techniques

Magento for designers part i

CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer

Are you releasing something awesome in May then send it over and we will ad it to our next month’s round-up.

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