Five Reasons Why Twitter is The Best Social Media

Nowadays, social media is a major part of success. If you have a start-up or you work as a freelancer, you should hear and use some of these social media services. If you did not, you are missing out the opportunity to get clients and unique visitors.

Actually, I don’t want to talk about how to use social media or how to grow your business, because there are a lot of articles about that. So, I will talk about Twitter as the best social media platform up to now. A lot of people may disagree with me, but I’m able to prove this with five points.

Why Twitter?

I will admit, Twitter has a special kind of charm that distinguishes it from other social media platforms. The achievement of Twitter is very stunning. Why Twitter? Because, Twitterers want to be the first to find out about anything. Why Twitter? Because, Twitter provides a global connection. Why Twitter? Because, Twitter users want news and Facebook users are more interested in trendy topics. You still want more? Here are five reasons to persuade you that Twitter is the best social media platform:

1 – Simplicity

As you know, freelancers and business owners have two aims when they carry out social media marketing, and it will be very hard to do that without simplicity:

Get more links in order to get more traffic;
Build the largest possible readership.

The simplification – the usability – of Twitter is one of the most important reasons why Twitter is sitting on the throne of social media. Simply put, you can tweet about your business and work at any time, from anywhere in the world. The Secret is the 140 characters that let you write over and over.

2- Rapid Fire

With millions of users on Twitter and other services like tags and search, some tweets will rapidly reach a large audience. Don’t forget – Twitter has one billion tweets per month, averaging almost 40 million tweets per day. Can you visualize the growing use of Twitter? What will it be like next year? In ten years?

There are two types of owners’ accounts on Twitter :

1- Individuals and Companies want to get the largest possible number of followers, and do that by following a lot of accounts for individuals and companies.

2- Famous Companies, people and websites have a lot of followers, although they follow very limited accounts themselves.

From my own experience, the second type is better for getting more traffic, because most followers for this type of account are really interested in what you have to say. No fake courtesies. No spam. No fake accounts.

3- Testimonials from Celebrities

Twitter has a lot of accounts for famous peoples, artists, singers and founders like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Britney Spears and Oprah Winfrey. All that means is that the famous know they can build more consumers (or voters) from Twitter. These accounts also build more reputation for Twitter, which increases the demand – for Twitter.

Here are some of the celebrities account :

1- Britney Spears with more than 4,427,735 followers

2- Ellen DeGeneres with more than  4,261,563  Followers

3- Barack Obama with more than  3,309,557  Followers

4- Oprah Winfrey with more than  3,168,437  Followers

5- John Mayer with more than  3,066,404  Followers

6- CNN Breaking News with more than  2,906,187  Followers

7- Bill Gates with more than  481,203  Followers .

4- Tools and Applications

The huge number of tools and applications made by developers and companies greatly help Twitter to increase its rate of growth. The tools and applications split into many of categories:  Web-Based Mobile Apps, WordPress Twitter Plug-Ins, Find New Twitter Friends Apps, Search Twitter Apps, Tools and Productivity Apps, Statistics and Analytics, Adobe Air Twitter Apps and Firefox Twitter Extensions are just some of the categories. As to the tools and applications themselves, here are a few:

1- TwitPic

TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter. You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, the TwitPic home page or your Twitter account.

2- Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed allows you to post your RSS feed to Twitter automatically.

3- TweetDeck

TweetDeck aims to improve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking the abundance of Twitter feeds and breaking them down into more manageable bite-sized pieces.

4- Twittercal

Twittercal is a service that connects your Twitter account to your Google Calendar and lets you add events easily, directly from your Twitter account.

5- Twibs

Twibs gives you the ability to find, follow and interact with businesses, apps and services on Twitter.

6- Twitter Alerts

Twitter alerts lets you keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company and anything else, via hourly email updates.

7- TweetStats

TweetStats is an app that tracks your number of tweets per hour and per month. It basically creates a graph based on your tweets.

8- Twitter Search

Twitter Search is an excellent search engine that allows you to find out what’s happening in the world beyond your personal timeline.

9- Twittelator

Twittelator is an all-around great new application for your iPhone.


TwitBin is a Firefox extension that allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations directly from your browser’s sidebar, to send and receive messages, share links and more.

5- Measuring Success

If you still doubt that Twitter is the king of social media platforms, these live examples should change your mind. These are statistics for Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Raddit, Delicious and comments from popular sites around the Internet – Note the statistics are change with the time, and may have changed by the time this article is posted.

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We have a lot of social media services; what should we use? I think Twitter is the most important and popular service on the Internet, as evidenced above by retweets vs. other platforms. However, some can’t afford to leave their efforts on other services. If this is you, link Facebook/Buzz/Digg and any other service you might be using with Twitter. Your social media efforts won’t be wasted, and they’ll be infused with Twitter power. Sponsor: Windows 8 Themes

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  1. With Twitter, you can choose the messages related to your particular fields, it is straight, simple, quick and huge. I like Twitter, it is the best amazing social media. Thanks

  2. Twitter is my fav, despite reason #3. 😉

  3. Hi,
    I have a startup which is making a Twitter App and I perfectly agree with you.
    In these years I was impressed of Twitter growth factor. Twitter growth is the sign that Social Networks (now we prefer to call them Social Media) are changed. In the 2000, I worked for Splinder, the most important Social Network in Italy. After more than ten years we can say that Social networks – as we have known – are slowly dieing, but new kind of Social Media are growin up.

    More than Facebook, Twitter is the new kind of social relations platform. Not completely a micro-blogging platform, Twitter makes relations on the Net “wired” in the simplest way.

    In the Social Networks Hera we had blogging platforms and Instant Messengers, today Twitter is the Instant Social Media platform, where everyone can comunicate each other “instantly”.

    What will happen next?