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Rather than say how good (or not so good) I am at what I do, I've drawn up this prettyful lookin' Graph instead. Pictures speak a thousand words n' all that, yeah?

skills graph

In return for you parting with your hard-earned moneys, I can offer you the following:
+ Fully Bespoke Website Design
+ Front End Web Development with sematically correct W3 & Cross-Browser Compliant Markup.
+ Fully Bespoke Dynamic Web Solutions. ie: eCommerce, Content Management System, Blog etc...
+ Email Marketing Campaigns.
+ Search Engine Optimisation.
I also specialise in Design & Development for WordPress.

Hoever, no matter how tempting the sum of money may be, these are the kind of projects I am likely to turn down:
- Full Flash Websites (read: Why I hate Flash...)
- Incomplete projects (ie: your designer has decided to do one and you're left with a half-finished design.)


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Phone: +44(0) 1234 678 912
Skype: simples.

Alternatively, you can reach me by filling out this pretty nifty contact form below which will automagically transport your message left here to my mail inbox, kinda like magic...

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