Write for us and get Paid!

Write for us and get paid!We’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to contribute articles and tutorials to TutToaster.com. If you have the Skills to pay the Bills, we’ll pay you $25 to $50 for your Articles and Tutorials.

Creating a tutorial isn’t as hard as you might think. If you already have the effect in mind that you want to teach, showing how to do it is nothing more than taking screen shots at each step, explaining each step and being engaging at the beginning. So give it a shot! Submit your tutorial and pay the Bills!

Submission Instructions & Criteria:

  • We accept Tutorials, Articles, Freebies, and Roundups.
  • Grab our Tutorial/Article Style Guide. Please stick to the styles as demonstrated in the style guide.
  • Send your tutorial/article back formatted in a .zip archive, with everything in it, including an HTML document and all of the assets.
  • Submissions must be original and may not have been posted elsewhere. You may not republish the content posted on Tuttoaster.com on any other website.
  • Use only your own materials or use materials you have permission to use.
  • We reserve the right to edit your submission prior to publishing.
  • Please note that not all tutorials will be accepted. You may contact us with your concept and we will let you know if it’s acceptable.
  • If your tutorial is accepted, we will contact you for your personal and Paypal information. We will only pay via Paypal.

By submitting a tutorial:

  • You agree that readers may use the tutorial without referencing you or Tuttoaster. Although they do not have permission to reproduce or share the tutorial as their own, they do have permission to use your techniques.
  • You agree that Tuttoaster will be the only site with the entire tutorial. Excerpts may be republished elsewhere online, but the whole tutorial will only be on Tuttoaster.
  • You agree that Tuttoaster can use the tutorial, examples or excerpts on any site, service or product owned by Tuttoaster.

Tutorial Guidelines:

To ensure that the tutorials, articles, roundups and freebies on Tuttoaster are of high quality and free of copyright infringements, please follow the guidelines below. Not following these guidelines will mean an automatic denial of your submission and a request to resubmit.


  • Photos and images make great eye candy and help readers better understand what effects they should expect to see. When using images and photos, please keep to these guidelines:
  • Don’t use images taken off of a website, including through the Google Images search
  • Do use your own images and photographs
  • Don’t use any images without a Creative Commons License for Commercial Use. If you do use a CC Commercial image, please provide a link back to the page the image is hosted on.
  • While you can use stock photos in screenshots, you must leave the stock site’s watermark over the photos in the Photoshop file. If you use free stock sites, read the distribution agreement in case you have to ask the photographer for permission to use their work.


Kindly credit all sources and refrain from copyright infringement. There is no such thing as partial plagiarism, whether it is an idea, image or paragraph. For instance, if your tutorial is based off another tutorial and you’ve expounded or changed the way the final, original product looks, share the information:

  • “I came up with this idea after looking over (blank’s) tutorial, posted here (link)”
  • If you’re not sure about whether you’re infringing on a copyright, don’t use the material.


Even if your tutorial is great, it may not be what we’re looking for. To save you time, send in an image and a pitch for feedback before writing the tutorial.

Submission Format

To make sure all of our tutorials are high quality, please submit the following in a .zip archive:

  • Sample PSD that readers can download
  • Image of the final product (610 x 350)
  • HTML file – Please write the HTML file with an introductory paragraph, a series of steps and an image before each step.
  • If your final product does not need to be large, such as wallpaper, please keep your images no wider than 600 pixels.

Please submit your final tutorial, article or resource here:

If your tutorial is accepted, Tuttoaster will pay between $10 and $25, depending on the size. Payments are made immediately upon acceptance. If we find that copyrights have been infringed on, you will not be paid and the tutorial will be automatically denied.

Please note: We do not accept every tutorial. Acceptance is not guaranteed.