28 Beautiful and Modern Logotypes to Get Inspired From

A logo (also logotype) is a graphical representation that aims to show an identity or brand of a company, website, product, location, event or organization. It is usually made of shapes, numbers, different images, charachters, illustrations and much more! The main necessity of a logo is to be representative, unique, and easy recognizable. Below are listed 25+ beautiful, elegant, modern and vibrant logotypes that respect all of the nomitations listed above, and can also be a great source of inspiration. Be inspired with these logo designs and make effective branding with  UPrinting Brochure Printing

Stellar Quotes

What the Duck?

What is Love?

Thumbs Up



Fuel Quoter

planB Holdings


Brand Events


Full Time

Blooming Lens


Reforger Films

Strada Film

Art Film

Bananas Films


Posh My Pup

Dog Click Training

Devil Dogg


Shirt Pepper


Mexican Grill

Chil Up

La Cazuelita

Hopefully, after reading this article where 25+ beautiful vibrant and modern logotypes were showcased, you’ve gain another great source of  inspiration, by this, you may keep your designs (not only logotype ones) fresh, and up-to-date!

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  1. Mexican Grill? For real? This looks like drawn with mouse. It definitely shouldn’t be in this post.


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