How to Convert a Slick PSD Design to XHTML/CSS

Setting up the Work Space.

Creating a nice development workspace for a site is very important before you get started. I always have a ready made basic file structure for when I create a site. I will show you the one we will be using now (which is the same as my template).

The Folder Structure

Here is the basic folder structure, this is what I will refer to in the document, CSS, etc. You can either choose to create your own, duplicate mine, or choose another path(not recommended for this tutorial).

The Folder Structure

  • Root Directory(Top level) –
    • This is where the index file is located.
    • This is the top level page, the same directory and other page(sub-page also) should go.
  • JavaScript –
    • This is were our local version of the latest jQuery(JavaScript Framework) will be located.
    • This is also were we will store the jQuery plugin Nivo-Slider that we will use in the featured section.
  • Styles –
    • This is were we will have all of our site styling. Our CSS files will be located in here and our images will be separated in the following groups:
    • Images: This is were we will store the images for the slider, sections, etc.
    • Template: This is were we will store the layout images, like the featured background and such.

The Files Inside

I will really quickly tell you what files I have in each folder. In the root folder will be the index.html file, this is where all of our base HTML coding will be. Inside our JavaScript folder I have 3 files, jQuery-1.4.2.min.js, HTML5-Shiv.js (To make IE understand newer attributes and layouts), and Nivo-Slider.min.js (To make our slider functional). Finally inside the Stlyes folder I have 2 CSS files named reset.css and global.css, these files will contain all the CSS to make our site look very pretty.

At this point please put your slices or the downloaded slices in the style/layout folder.

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