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15 Inspiring Minimal Web Designs

By Matthew Leak on June 16th, 2010 Category: Inspiration 7 Comments

Minimal Web Design is becoming more and more popular across the web. Many people claim that designing a minimal website is a kind of ‘cowards way out’. However, Minimal Web Design is a lot harder to design ‘right’ than most people think. The design has to be effective and the designer must decide whether it’s […]

Showcase of Indescribable Game Artwork

By Callum Chapman on May 13th, 2010 Category: Inspiration 1 Comment

If you’re looking for inspiration, whether it be for digital art, web design or print design, concept art is always a good place to find it. Packed full of vivid color schemes, interesting patterns and various characters, game concept art can be a great way to give you a head start when coming up with […]

20 Attractive and Striking Black and White Websites

By Robin Parker on March 23rd, 2010 Category: Inspiration 4 Comments

The possibilities for color in web design in 2010 are a long way from the limitations of the Web Safe Palette of a few years ago. Rather than being limited to 216 colors as we once were, we now have millions to choose from. But sometimes, distancing ourselves from all those options and designing in good old Black & […]